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My Complete and Utter Warhammer Bibliography

I recently had occasion to put together a complete bibliography of all my work on Warhammer, WFRP, and Advanced HeroQuest, so I thought I’d post a copy here for anyone who’s interested.

If I have time later on, I might add my work on Warhammer 40,000, Epic Scale, and related games, but for now this is just the Warhammer Fantasy related work.

WFB logo

Warhammer rulebook, 3rd ed. (1987) – Colour text
Warhammer Siege (1988) – Colour text
Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness (1988) – Contributing writer
Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned (1990) – Contributing writer

“Crush, Crumble and Chop,” White Dwarf #103, Aug 1988
“The Crude, the Mad and the Rusty,” White Dwarf #83, Dec 1986

Box Backs
Skull Crusher Goblin Trebuchet
Lead Belcher Goblin Organ Gun
Great Fire Dragon
Green Dragon
Blue Dragon
Elven Attack Chariot
Harboth’s Orc Archers
Man-Mangler Orc Mangonel
Great Imperial Dragon
The Nightmare Legion
Bugman’s Dwarf Rangers
The Skeleton Horde
Orc War Wyvern
Goblin Battle Chariots
The Dragon Masters
Skarloc’s Wood Elf Scouts
Gob-Lobber Dwarf Onager
Roglud’s Armoured Orcs
Prince Ulther’s Imperial Dwarfs
Skeleton War Machines
Snotling Pump Wagon (magazine ad)


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


4th Edition
Enemy in Shadows Companion (2020) – Editor and contributor Buy it here
Enemy in Shadows (2019) – Editor and contributor Buy it here
Rough Nights and Hard Days (2019) Buy it here



3rd Edition
The Enemy Within (2012) – Co-author Buy it here
The Edge of Night (2010) – Author Buy it here


2nd Edition
Plundered Vaults (2005) – Contributor (reprint) Buy it here
Paths of the Damned: Ashes of Middenheim (2005) – Author Buy it here
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Second Edition (2005) – Contributor (adventure) Buy it here


1st Edition
Fear the Worst (2002: Hogshead) – Developer Download free here
Dwarfs: Stone and Steel (2002: Hogshead) – Developer
Corrupting Influence (2002: Hogshead/Warpstone) – Contributor (reprint)
Apocrypha 2 (2000: Hogshead) – Editor/contributor
Gamemaster’s Screen (1997: Hogshead) – Author (insert booklet)
Apocrypha Now (1995: Hogshead) – Contributor (reprint)
Castle Drachenfels (1991: Flame) – Developer
Death’s Dark Shadow (1991: Flame) – Developer
Warhammer Companion (1990: Flame) – Editor/contributor
Doomstones: Dwarf Wars (1990: Flame) – Developer
Doomstones: Death Rock (1990: Flame) – Developer
Doomstones: Blood in Darkness (1990: Flame) – Developer
Character Pack, 2nd edition (1990: Flame) – Author (insert booklet)
Doomstones: Fire in the Mountains (1989: Flame) – Developer
Lichemaster (1989: Flame) – Developer
Empire in Flames (1989: GW) – Contributor (author brief)
The Restless Dead (1989: GW) – Contributor (reprint)
Something Rotten in Kislev (1988: GW) – Developer/co-author
Warhammer City (1987: GW) – Contributor
Character Pack, 1st edition (1990: Flame) – Developer (insert booklet)
Death on the Reik (1987: GW) – Co-author/developer
Dungeon Lairs (1987: GW) – Author (booklet)
Shadows over Bogenhafen (1986: GW) – Author
The Enemy Within (1986: GW) – Developer
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1986: GW) – Co-author/developer
Dungeon Rooms (1986: GW) – Developer (booklet)


“The Exorcist,” personal blog (https://graemedavis.wordpress.com), November 2015
“The Gong Farmer,” personal blog (https://graemedavis.wordpress.com), August 2013
“Secrets of the WFRP Writers, Part 2,” Warpstone #15, Winter 2000-2001
“Secrets of the WFRP Writers, Part 1,” Warpstone #14, Summer 2000
“Secrets of the Warhammer Artists,” Warpstone #6, Summer 1997
“The Warpstone Interview,” Warpstone #5, Spring 1997
“Nastassia’s Wedding,” Pyramid #19, May/June 1996 Buy it here
“Pit Fighting,” White Wolf Inphobia #57, August 1995
“Social Level Rules,” White Dwarf #138, Jul 1991
“The King Beneath the Hill,” White Wolf #26, Apr 1991
“Marienburg” (ed.),White Dwarf #135, Apr 1991
“Marienburg” (ed.),White Dwarf #133, Feb 1991
“Ironstone Pass,” White Dwarf #132, Jan 1991
“The Great Hospice,” White Dwarf #130, Nov 1990
“Marienburg” (ed.),White Dwarf #128, Sep 1990
“The Emperor Luitpold,” White Dwarf #122, Mar 1990
“Marienburg” (ed.),White Dwarf #121, Feb 1990
“Marienburg” (ed.),White Dwarf #120, Jan 1990
“Marienburg” (ed.),White Dwarf #119, Dec 1989
“Marienburg” (ed.),White Dwarf #118, Nov 1989
“On the Boil” (ed.),White Dwarf #103, Aug 1988
“On the Boil” (ed.),White Dwarf #102, Jul 1988
“Fimir,” White Dwarf #102, Jul 1988
“On the Boil” (ed.),White Dwarf #98, Mar 1988
“On the Boil” (ed.),White Dwarf #97, Feb 1988
“A Rough Night at the Three Feathers,” White Dwarf #94, Nov 1987
“A Fistful of Misprunts,” White Dwarf #92, Sept 1987
“Oops!,” White Dwarf #91, Aug 1987
“Onwards & Upwards,” White Dwarf #89, Jun 1987
“Hand of Destiny,” White Dwarf #88, May 1987
“On the Road,” White Dwarf #85, Feb 1987

heroquest logo
AHQ logo

HeroQuest/Advanced HeroQuest

HeroQuest (Milton Bradley, 1989) – Contributor (initial consulting)
Advanced Heroquest (1989) – Developer
Terror in the Dark (1991) – Author


“Treasure,” White Dwarf #139, Aug 1991
“Henchmen,” White Dwarf #138, Jul 1991

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  1. Matthew Shearn
    May 1, 2015 at 12:27 pm

    Thats a whole pile of work 🙂 I loved Rough night at the Three Feathers and Shadows over Bogenhafen. I also remember Ironstone pass being brutal to my party!

  2. May 1, 2015 at 3:08 pm

    We appreciate all of your hard work!


  3. Wolf
    May 2, 2015 at 4:57 pm

    I’m sure you know your own work better than I, but wasn’t there an adventure in White Wolf Magazine (King Under the hill?) for Wfrp too?

    • May 3, 2015 at 8:28 am

      Thanks for the reminder! I’ve added it to the list.

  4. matt
    May 2, 2015 at 10:06 pm

    hey man, Castle Drachenfels and Enemy Within are classic. You contributed to hundreds of hours that I very much enjoyed growing up. Thank you for your work. Your stuff in the Realms of chaos was great also.

  5. May 4, 2015 at 1:39 am

    You kept a better list of what you worked on than I ever did! 🙂

    • May 4, 2015 at 7:59 am

      Yours would be much longer, I think! For those who don’t already know, Mike was White Dwarf editor, the last writer standing on Realm of Chaos, and the adult supervisor of Flame Publications, among many other things. He’s also responsible for the laugh-out-loud generals’ speeches (and much more besides) in the award-winning “Total War” computer games series, and he’s the author of the rarest D&D module ever published. For all this and more, check out this interview with him: http://realmofchaos80s.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/chaos-scribe-interview-with-mike-brunton.html

  6. October 28, 2015 at 3:25 pm

    I just remembered about the floorplan sets: two of them included bookets with WFRP stats. I’ve added them in the WFRP 1st edition section.

  7. Dreadaxe
    December 22, 2015 at 2:18 pm

    If I understand you are the author of the texts of the box backs.

    • December 22, 2015 at 2:49 pm

      Not all of them, but the ones listed, yes. It was fun writing those silly stories, although I did lean too often on the device of Goblinoids stealing their war machines from the Dwarfs.

  8. January 19, 2017 at 6:13 am

    The flavour text from the original Snotling Pump Wagon advert had me wanting to buy the whole thing, expansion set (double-decker) and all: …”Kills lots” he continued, miming being run down and swept under the roller. “Aarg, splat.” The Snotling’s eyes were wide with awe. “Aargh, splat,” it said, in hushed tones, “Coorrrr!”…

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