Over the last 30-odd years I have been lucky enough to work with a lot of very smart, talented, and otherwise excellent people. Here are some of them:

Andy Law
Andy knows a frightening amount about many, many games (including WFRP), and has an even more worrying breadth of talent as a writer, editor, cartographer, artist, art director, and more things beside. His Lawhammer blog is always worth a visit.

Ben Scerri
Ben composed some fascinating and very useful posts for the Cubicle 7 blog, but this one is all his own. It’s called Liber Etcetera and it’s well worth a visit – especially if you are a WFRP player or GM.

If you like dark, horror-tinged dieselpunk, NecroMech is a game to check out. It uses an unusual subscription model, which means that all the books are stored online. They are continually updated, so you automatically get the most recent version.

Lawrence Ellsworth
Wit, raconteur, sage, and onion (not to mention Game Design Legend under another name), Lawrence knows a slightly terrifying amount about the swashbuckling adventure genre. To prove it, he compiled and edited The Big Book of Swashbucking Adventure. Buy it immediately, and check out his blog while you wait for it to arrive.

Amanda Forrest
A Writers of the Future winner, Amanda has written some very thought-provoking stories that are well worth checking out. She is a fascinating writer and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Find her at

Keith Baker
Best known as the creator of Eberron and Gloom, Keith is a veritable game guru who is seemingly incapable of having a bad idea. Find him at

Matt Forbeck
Matt Forbeck is a lean, mean, writing machine. He once challenged himself to write a novel a month for a whole year. An authority on comics, a writer in more shared worlds than I can count, and a tireless creator of original settings, you can find more about his work here.

Joe Kulka
The creator of some of the most engaging children’s books of recent years, Joe’s art always looks as though it was created in a long-ago golden age of book illustration. You’d swear you’d seen some of it in your own childhood. When you see an image and sigh because they don’t make ’em like that any more, look again – it may be one of Joe’s.

Lee Moyer
Lee’s art defies superlatives. Just go and see it for yourself. You’ll thank me.

Darren Tan
Darren has illustrated a couple of my books for Osprey, and he’s one of my favorite artists to work with. The quality of his work speaks for itself, and he’s as pleasant as can be.

James Wallis
If you want to know anything about games – especially how to make good ones and how to make yours better – James is the man to ask. Just be sure you’re ready for the answers, because he’s not a man to mince words. He’s almost always right, though.

William King
Creator of the Gotrek and Felix saga for Warhammer and the first in-house head of fiction for Games Workshop, Bill King has written a slightly intimidating amount of fantasy fiction. Just how intimidating, you ask? Check out his blog at

Robin D. Laws
Game design luminary and co-host of the fantasy and gaming podcast Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, Robin’s blog can be found at

Kenneth Hite
Co-host of the aforementioned podcast, Ken is worryingly knowledgeable about horror and World War II, and has successfully blended the two for Steve Jackson Games, Osprey Publishing, and others. Find him at

Justin Achilli
Best known for his game writing, Justin Achilli has also published a short novel, strategy guides, and game-related fiction. His blog can be found at

Richard Dansky
Another veteran of White Wolf, Rich now writes for Tom Clancy titles at video game developer Ubisoft, and creates strange and twisted tales in his spare time. Find him at

Jennifer Brozek
A prolific author with a growing catalog, I had the pleasure of working with Jenn on various Colonial Gothic products. Her blog is at

Angry Robot Books
Led fearlessly by the almost-legendary Marc Gascoigne, who helmed Puffin’s blockbuster Fighting Fantasy series in the 80s and 90s in between carving out an equally distinguished career at Games Workshop, Angry Robot Books is among the best of the new generation of speculative fiction imprints. Anything they publish is worth checking out, thanks in no small part to Marc’s forthright feedback and relentlessly high standards.

Stone Skin Press
Some of the most interesting fiction anthologies of recent years have come out of Stone Skin Press. They’ve even been kind enough to print a couple of my stories. Try any of their titles: I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Miguel Coimbra
Miguel created some beautiful images for my Osprey book Thor: Viking God of Thunder. Check out his portfolio at

Jose Daniel Cabrera Pena
The very talented illustrator of my Osprey Book Theseus and the Minotaur. His portfolio can be found at

Darren Tan
I’ve had the good fortune to work with Darren twice so far: on Knights Templar: A Secret History and Nazi Moonbase, both for the Dark Osprey line. His portfolio is at




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