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Chaos Snakemen – A Forgotten Warhammer Race

August 3, 2020 30 comments

Recently, Gideon over at the excellent Awesome Lies blog posted a very interesting and thoughtful piece on some of the more unique creatures in the Warhammer world. As well as the oft-discussed Zoats and Fimir, Gideon takes a look at a more obscure race, Chaz Elliott’s Chaos Snakemen.

Ad from the third Citadel Compendium.

Chaz tells their story himself, and gives some details about the background he had devised for them, in this interview on Captain Crook’s Funky Wenis Rodeo. Only five miniatures were ever made, and they were never formally written up for the Warhammer rules.

In 2015, Tim Prow sculpted a small range of Snakemen for the Antiquis Malleum project by Diehard Miniatures, and a few more have appeared on the Diehard Miniatures web page.

As far as I have been able to discover, though, no rules have ever been published for them – so here is my interpretation of them for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition. Needless to say, what follows is in no way official and should be considered a fan work. No challenge is intended to copyrights or trademarks held by Games Workshop, Cubicle 7, or anyone else.

S’Nethen (Chaos Snakemen)

Image stolen from the Diehard Miniatures web site.

A failed experiment by the Old Slann, the S’Nethen escaped from Lustria and fled north. Initially they planned to gather their strength and return to defeat the Old Slann and free Lustria, but the catastrophe of the warpgates and the creation of the northern Chaos Wastes made mere survival a struggle, and as centuries and millennia passed the proud S’Nethen degenerated into a barbaric and mutation-prone remnant of what they once were.

They should not be underestimated, though, for they have guarded their territory for millennia against the forces of Chaos, where other peoples have been assimilated or destroyed.


Traits: Armour 1, Cold-blooded, Fast, Night Vision, Weapon +7

Optional: Armour 3 – 4), Bite +5, Constrictor, Corruption Minor), Dark Vision, Mutation, Ranged +7 (100), Size (Large), Spellcaster (Any), Tail +5, Venom (Easy – Very Hard)

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