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Zygor Snake-Arms: Another Old Citadel Miniature

July 18, 2020 24 comments

Zygor is the last of the worked examples from the “The Mark of Chaos” article in The First Citadel Compendium, published in 1983.  The article didn’t give Zygor much of a backstory, except that he started out as a Night Goblin.

The original description for 1st edition Warhammer.

Night Goblins

This Goblin subspecies lives underground. While slightly smaller than the average Goblin, their stealth skills combine with Goblinoid viciousness to make them a menace. Night Goblin fanatics are especially dangerous because of their psychotic ferocity and utter lack of fear.

Night Goblins have the same profiles as normal Goblins (WFRP, page 326), with the following additional Traits:

Traits: Enclosed Fighter (Talent), Stealthy, Tunnel Rat (Talent)

Optional: Berserk Charge (Talent), Dark Vision, Frenzy

Below is my re-imagining for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition. Needless to say, what follows is in no way official and should be considered a fan work. No challenge is intended to copyrights or trademarks held by Games Workshop, Cubicle 7, or anyone else.

Zygor Snake-Arms, Night Goblin Mutant

Zygor’s Night Goblin tribe was wiped out by a Chaos band some time ago, but his ferocity led them to recruit him rather than killing him. Since then, he has pleased their dark patron well, and been rewarded with several mutations.


Traits: Animosity, Armour 1, Enclosed Fighter (Talent), Fear 2, Hatred (Dwarves), Infected, Mutation (see below), Night Vision, Stealthy, 3 x Tentacles +7, Tunnel Rat (Talent), 3 x Weapon +7

Mutations: An asterisk (*) indicates that Zygor’s stats and Traits have been amended to reflect the mutation’s effects.

  • Fleshy Tentacles*
  • Headless* – Head hits count as misses
  • Tail*

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