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March 14, 2022 Leave a comment

I was embarrassed to discover that I had not set up my Free League Workshop products for Vaesen correctly. Here they are, officially within the Workshop as they should have been from the start. Existing purchases should be unaffected.

There’s a new one as of today, too – the Norwegian brunnmigi or ‘well-pisser’. Honestly – no manners at all…

Do you like monsters? Then check out the collection I’ve done for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition, and find out how to persuade me to do more!


My Complete and Utter Myth and Monsterography

My Top Five Monster Books (that I worked on)

My Top Five RPG Monster Books

And while you’re here…

Since 2020, I’ve been a director of Rookery Publications, a new indie TTRPG studio that I co-founded with some names that WFRP fans are sure to recognize: Andrew Law, Lindsay Law, Andy Leask, and Mark Gibbons. Our first product is available from DriveThru, and has garnered some good reviews so far. There is much, much more to follow.

If you like the idea of new, system-agnostic roleplaying products (which means that they have been designed to be used with any edition of WFRP, and indeed with any other ruleset) from our merry band, check the Rookery out on any of these platforms.

Discord is the the hub of a vibrant and growing Rookery community.

YouTube and Twitch each have a Rookery channel where you can find our weekly Inside the Rookery streams, where we chat with big-name guests from across the industry about all manner of things.

Inside the Rookery, along with the occasional Beside the Rookery streams, are supported by our Patreon campaign. If you like what the Rookery has to offer and would like to be part of our story, you can support us for a very low monthly commitment (and if you can afford more, we have higher tiers, too!), and get access to exclusive content like the Rookery masterclasses on game design and development and special publications like the just-released Mother Hoarfrost PDF.

And you can also find us on:
Twitter: @RookeryP