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A New Colonial Gothic Campaign

June 18, 2013 2 comments

As you may know, for the last few years I’ve been working with Richard Iorio II of Rogue Games to help develop and promote their Colonial Gothic tabletop RPG. Historical games and horror games are two of my real passions, and Colonial Gothic combines the two beautifully.

Boiling it down to an elevator pitch, it’s the early history of America through the eyes of H. P. Lovecraft and Dan Brown. Your Heroes can encounter Salem witches, Native American spirits, scheming Freemasons, sorcerous Templars, voodoo, gris-gris, Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, and much more. I keep teasing Richard that one day I’ll have Ben Franklin construct a lightning-powered mech and go mano a mano with Cthulhu – but perhaps that may be going a little too far. But if you liked The Crucible, Sleepy Hollow, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, The Last of the Mohicans, The Brotherhood of the Wolf, and the National Treasure movies, chances are you’ll like Colonial Gothic.

I’m very happy at the reception the game has received so far. Most of the supplements have garnered 4- and 5-star reviews on Roleplayers’ Chronicle, DriveThruRPG, and the other major review sites. The release of the Second Edition Rulebook last December was an important step, and we have many plans for the future. Among these is a new campaign, to be created under license by Mystical Throne Entertainment, publishers of Roleplayers’ Chronicle.

Rogue Games’ house campaign, Flames of Freedom, focuses on the shadowy side of the American Revolution. The Mystical Throne campaign (working title New World) is set a generation earlier, in the middle of the 18th century. Rogue Games has touched upon this period in its French and Indian War sourcebook, and it’s very good to see others inspired by the game and the setting to create fresh adventures. The Flames of Freedom campaign will continue, co-written by Richard and me. We have plans for at least two more instalments, possibly more, and the next one, Shadows Upon the Hudson, is scheduled for release later this year.

I’m looking forward to the New World campaign very much. Aaron Huss is a talented writer with a number of impressive credits under his belt, and I can’t wait to see what adventures he has in store for us.

Rogue Games at the Golden Pawn Awards

Colonial Gothic, Shadow, Sword & Spell, and Thousand Suns garnered 26 Golden Pawn Gaming Genius Award nominations between them. This makes me very happy – and it’s two more than the combined Oscar nominations of Titanic and Avatar.

I’m especially pleased that Boston Besieged and New France garnered four and five nominations respectively. Both were nominated in the Most Innovative New Product, Best Independent Product, Best Writing, and Best Artwork categories, and New France also drew a nod for Best RPG Supplement while Boston Besieged was nominated for Best Adventure Scenario.

Click on the link to see all the nominees and find out how to vote.

Colonial Gothic

May 17, 2011 3 comments

Note: Since the release of the 2nd Edition Colonial Gothic Rulebook, this old entry has been getting a lot more views – which is great, but there’s a more up-to-date account here.

Colonial Gothic is a game I’ve been working on for a couple of years now, with my friend Richard Iorio II of Rogue Games. My elevator pitch is “the American Revolution as imagined by H. P. Lovecraft and Dan Brown” – it has scheming Freemasons, Templar survivors, Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, and weird Americana like Bigfoot and the Jersey Devil. It’s not just 1775-1783, either: the game can handle adventures from the mystery of the lost Roanoke Colony in the 1580s, through the Salem witch hysteria of the 1690s, all the way to the War of 1812 and possibly beyond.

I’ve written and edited a few titles for the game, and I’m working on ideas to expand the property outside gaming. Fiction is a big priority, and the “Cthulhu 1776” concept has brought expressions of interest from a couple of publishers already. More news as it comes in.

Roleplayers Chronicle has just posted a “Designer’s Diary” feature for the Flames of Freedom campaign, which Richard and I are co-writing in the hope that it will do for Colonial Gothic what the Enemy Within campaign did for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. You can find it here, and this link will take you to a list of reviews of Colonial Gothic products.

All titles are available in a variety of e-book formats, and there is a range of e-book-only supplements for just 99 cents each. The most recent e-book is Organizations Book 1: The Templars, which collects together all the history, legends and consipracy theories about the Knights Templar (usable in any game) as well as describing their place in the world of Colonial Gothic.

Rogue Games also has an E-book Guarantee, which allows customers to order a free electronic copy of any title they have bought in dead-tree form.