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The Twelve Books of Christmas: Part Ten

December 22, 2018 11 comments

My tenth book of Christmas is an audio book, although you can still find print copies occasionally. Blood and Honor is a 2006 novel set in the Eberron campaign world for Dungeons & Dragons, involving a disgraced younger son’s quest to find his missing older brother.

After my friend and erstwhile colleague Keith Baker won the 2004 Wizards of the Coast setting search with his fantasy-pulp hybrid world of Eberron, the company announced an Eberron fiction competition. I won, with a novel proposal that was called Blood and Honor but which bore little resemblance to the story that was originally published. Over the next few months, with help from the editors at Wizards, I created my first, and so far only, novel.

Blood and Honor appeared as volume four in the War-Torn series: four different stories by different authors, linked only by the theme of the Last War and its effect upon those who had survived it.

Here is what a couple of reviewers had to say about it:

The book delivers on Eberron’s setting of noir detective work and non-stop pulp action, with fights on airships, raiding secret strongholds, in military installations, and throughout the dark streets of a bustling city. Davis does a particularly good job of keeping things interesting.”
– Goodreads

“A solid story that serves its purpose well. …if you are a fan of Eberron you will enjoy this novel.”


The book is no longer sold through Wizards’ web site, but its Amazon page has some reviews and a link to the audio version (which is free with a trial of their Audible service).

Tomorrow, and every day until Christmas, I will be covering another title. If you’re not done with your Christmas shopping, or if you are expecting to receive some gift tokens, take a look: you might find something you like. Links to online retailers selling this and many of my other books can be found on the My Books page.

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