Coming Soon

The Investigators of Arkham Horror
Coming soon from Fantasy Flight Games. Breathtaking Cthulhu Mythos art and atmospheric fiction from nine great authors, including me!

Of Gods and Mortals: Celts
New deities, legends, troops, and monsters for Andrea Sfiligoi’s mythological tabletop skirmish game. Includes rules for chariots and battle-feats from the Irish epics. Currently in editing: watch this space for updates.

Cthulhu Confidential
Hardboiled, one-to-one, Mythos mysteries for Pelgrane’s Gumshoe system.


  • A Cthulhu Mythos novella set in 1920s Lovecraft country;
  • A bullet hell mobile game with an aviation theme.

In the Works

  • A Cthulhu Mythos – English legend crossover story;
  • An anthology of early American horror stories.
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