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Grimvember 2021 continues. Let’s spend “A Day at the Trials”.

But a very nice review of the second adventure in Rough Nights and Hard Days.

It always rains in Nuln

Another Monday, another review. This time I’m tackling chapter 2 of “Rough Nights & Hard Days” for the WFRP 4th edition.

This is one of my favorite scenarions in the whole book. It details a trial by combat in the city of Kemperbad, fought between the champions of two noble families. The dastardly Baron Von Dammenblatz accuses Gravin Maria-Ulrike von Liebwitz of killing one of his relatives. As is customary for people of high status, this dispute will be settled by a honorable duel. The party will be thrown right into middle of this whole mess, with one of the heroes even taking the role of Gravin’s champion and making sure that her honor remains intact!

Yes, this scene actually takes place during the course of the scenario!(artwork belongs to Cubicle 7)

The whole scenario is written similarly to the previous one, with timetables playing a huge part in…

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