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A Minor Upgrade


I’ve redone the tabs at the top of the page. Almost no one was visiting the old ones, and I wanted to clean things up and showcase the books that can still earn me royalties, as well as what I’ve got on the horizon. The new tabs are:

My Books
Just what you’d expect. A list of the books I have currently in print, with cover images, brief notes, and links to various places where you can buy them. You can buy my books at these places. Did I remember to say BUY THEM?

Coming Soon
Everything that’s currently in the works. Where available, I have added links to books that are on preorder, so you can PREORDER THEM.

Links to the blogs and web sites of various people I’ve worked with down the years. Expect this to grow when I get more time.

About Graeme
A short bio, mugshot, and all the other stuff you’d expect a proper writer to have on his site, along with links to other online places where you can find me.

Downloads and links to various roleplaying game adventures and articles. Here you’ll find some of my old work from the 80s and 90s whose rights have reverted to me, links to articles that other folks have available free online, and some articles from the blog that I have reformatted into PDFs so that people can still find them. This section will also grow whenever I find time to scan and upload more.

I’ve done a few less visible things, too: I’ve added categories for fiction, games, nonfiction, myth and folklore, and monsters, which should help you find posts on a particular topic. Each post is fairly extensively tagged, the most popular tags being Games Workshop, WFRP, and bibliography.

I’ll be continuing to work on upgrading the blog whenever time permits, but these changes covered the issues I saw as most important.

Take a look around!

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