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I’ve been writing a lot about the Oldhammer movement lately. Until now, the emphasis has been firmly on the battle games and the love of old lead, but now there are signs that the roleplayers are catching up.

Remember this tome?

Remember this tome?

There has always been an active group of WFRP 1st edition fans on Facebook, and there’s one on Google+ as well. A lot of these folks go back to the old WFRP mailing list from the 90s, but there are new names popping up all the time. And we mustn’t forget the Strike to Stun forums, which are always worth a look. But it wasn’t until today that I saw someone use the term “Oldhammer Roleplay.”

It’s the title of the first blog I’ve seen dedicated to looking back at WFRP 1st edition. It’s early days at this point, but the author (who goes by the charming nom-de-keyboard of Waaaagh) clearly knows his stuff, and he’s already raised some intriguing questions. I plan on weighing in when I can, and I look forward to seeing this fledgeling blog mature into the WFRP equivalent of the mighty RealmofChaos80s, which is one of the flagships of the Oldhammer movement.

  1. December 10, 2014 at 3:46 am

    There is also a Polish blog dedicated only to WFRP 1
    http://pafhammer.net/ 😉

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