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More Warhammer Archaeology: The Tower of Screaming Death

After my last post, Gideon on the Strike to Stun forums asked about another piece of Warhammer archaeology:

Perhaps I can challenge you on another piece of early Warhammer lore. What was the Tower of Screaming Death? I recall it was to have been a solo adventure in Hrothyogg’s Tower, but can find nothing about it now, apart from the Josh Kirby cover. Does it ring any bells?

Here’s the little I remember.

The Tower of Screaming Death was a Warhammer solo boardgame in which you played a band of Orcs exploring a wizard’s tower and coming across a lot of undead.

Bob Naismith was the driving force behind it. A Josh Kirby cover was commissioned but never used because the game was canceled. The artwork wound up being used for Warhammer Companion, and later for Hogshead’s Apocrypha Now. You can clearly see the Orcs and the spirit of the evil wizard dominating the tower.


I don’t remember a lot about the game itself. In fact I don’t think I ever got to play it because Bob was still working on the rules. I may be wrong about that, though – it’s been a very long time. From the bits and pieces that I do remember, it seems that the game petered out some time in the design stage and never got onto the development schedule.

Both WFRP and 40K were just out at that time, WFB3 was in the works, and Blood Bowl was in development, so it was hard to get a new game on the slate. It probably didn’t help that Bob wasn’t one of the regular game designers. He really needed to find a champion for the game within the design department, and all the designers (including me, I’ll admit) were a lot more interested in promoting their own ideas.

Bob fought to keep TSD alive, but it never happened. Just another of the lost designs from the 80s.

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